How to Donate to Legacy Trade College

When you give to Legacy Trade College, you're not just giving to meet a short-term need.

You're investing in the future of young people who are training to serve the Lord. You're helping meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the Church. And you're answering the call of God to stand in the gap and help others. You will be leaving a legacy of stewardship, sacrifice, and service that will benefit others and advance the cause of Christ for generations to come.

Legacy Trade College is working to obtain federal tax exemption (501c3) status. Until that is complete, donations may be made through the Smiths' mission agency, Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Follow this link to their Legacy Project Fund.

LTC's Financial Needs

Top Priority:

Operating Expenses


Install Electrical for Welding Booth Ventilation




Promotional Materials


High Priority:

Website Design and Fees (for record-keeping)


Property Insurance (for 2025)


Siding Project


Next Steps:

Parking Lot Paving

Laundry and Fitness Facility


Grand Total                                                                    $97,800