LTC Building

While studying the trades in person, our students will also take Bible courses through Maranatha Baptist University (MBU). Many will enjoy the Bridge to Campus program which will prepare them to complete a bachelor’s degree through MBU. Other students will prefer the Bible Institute program through MBU, which will provide them with a solid understanding of God’s Word and how to apply it in everyday life. You can learn more about both of these programs and Maranatha Baptist University at

It is possible to complete an associate’s, bachelor’s, or even master’s degree through MBU while remaining at Legacy’s Utah campus. Each student’s needs will be individual and specific, and the faculty of both LTC and MBU are committed to providing the best education for every student.

Our vision is to see students choose two tracks of study: one in the trades and one in Bible. Therefore, majors might be something like Pastoral Studies/Cabinetry, Biblical Counseling/Cosmetology, or Missionary/Construction. Each student may individualize his studies as the Lord leads and as the programs are available.

LTC Programs

Currently, the cabinet shop is the largest of our spaces. With tools for any stage of project—designing, building, sanding, staining—our students will be well trained and ready to start working in the field.

MacGill Construction is another highlight of our program, offering hands-on training in the construction and framing of houses. Students will receive one-on-one instruction and experience weekly on a real job site.

LTC is also blessed to have Mr. Seth Davis, a world-class welder, on board. He will be offering various training sessions and classes as the schedule allows and as students require.

Our plan is to build upon these three majors—cabinetry, construction, and welding—to include all types of trades, including auto/diesel, culinary arts, cosmetology, piano tuning and repair, agricultural studies, hospitality, animal husbandry, and more.