What is Legacy Trade College

LTC Building

Legacy Trade College (LTC) is a Bible-based trade college, dedicated to teaching and equipping students to serve God by meeting the needs of the Church around the world using the gifts and talents that God has given them. As a student, you will be equipped with Bible knowledge, as well as instruction in your chosen trade, that will prepare you to enter the work force and excel.

The Mission of Legacy Trade College

The purpose of Legacy Trade College is to bring glory to God. As Christians, that must be the purpose we each adopt. But our mission is what sets us apart from other Christian colleges and universities. LTC exists to equip students to excel in their chosen trade while also preparing them for a life-time of ministry. It is the desire of Legacy to prepare young people for ministry in every aspect of life. Whether working a secular job, serving in the local church context, pastoring, or becoming a career missionary, we want our graduates to be equipped to provide for their families, to meet the needs of a church, and to go and do whatever God has called them to. For many, this will be a full-time job, with weekly service to their church. For some, this will be full-time ministry with a skill that can help meet the financial needs that arise. For all, we expect to train servant-minded workers that see life as ministry. Every day is another opportunity to glorify God.

The primary goals of Legacy Trade College are:

  • to offer education to individuals who want to learn the Bible, life skills, stewardship, and spiritual growth, while simultaneously learning a trade, such as carpentry, construction, welding, and more.
  • to meet the needs of the local church for bi-vocational pastors, well-trained, willing-hearted laymen, and service-oriented church members.
  • to bring God the glory He is due through our service and worship to Him.

Psalm 78:4 says, “Shewing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done.” Legacy Trade College seeks to assist Christians to refine and develop their God-given skills—spiritual, academic, and industrial.